Autumn Pasquale case: Brothers accused of killing N.J. girl remain held

Autumn Pasquale Personal photo

(CBS/AP) WOODBURY, N.J. - Two teenage brothers accused in the killing of 12-year-old New Jersey girl Autumn Pasquale were ordered Friday to remain in a juvenile detention center.

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Friday's detention hearing was the first court appearance for the teens since they were arrested Tuesday and charged with murdering Pasquale, who disappeared in her hometown of Clayton on Oct. 20.

Assistant Gloucester County Prosecutor Michelle Jeneby said after the hearing in family court that both boys were ordered to be detained until their next appearance, scheduled for Nov. 16.

Because they are juveniles, authorities have not released the names of the brothers, who are 15 and 17.

Jeneby said her office intends to file papers to have the case moved to adult court. She said she did not expect the matter to be resolved for at least several weeks after that motion is made.

Authorities say the younger boy lured Autumn to their home to trade BMX bike parts last Saturday. She was last seen alive around 12:30 p.m. that day. Her family reported her missing nine hours later, after she missed her 8 p.m. curfew. Her body was found Monday in a recycling bin behind a vacant house next door to where the suspects live.

Paul Spadofora, a great uncle of the girl who was serving as family spokesman, had criticized the law enforcement response.

But by Friday, the girls' parents and their spouses had hired lawyer Jaime Kaigh.

Kaigh, a criminal defense lawyer, said he was brought in to help the family deal with the case. He said Friday that he believed the prosecutor's office handled the search and its aftermath appropriately.

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