Automatically Send Documents to the Right Printer

I have access to three different printers, and each one is optimized for a different kind of print job. My black and white laser gets all my routine documents, while I send PowerPoint slides to the color laser. And the inkjet printer, of course, gets all the photos I print from Lightroom, Photoshop, and other photo editors. It would be nice if Windows knew this and let me configure default printers on a per-program basis.

Well, I don't have to sit around wishing anymore, because I've found a program that will do just that -- let you specify which printer to use by default for each program you use.

Automatic Printer Switcher lets you assign a default printer to a list of programs you commonly use. The program is quite simple to set up: Just click Add program and then choose a program from the list. (Automatic Printer Switcher shows you all the programs you currently have running, so you should start the programs you want to assign default printers before you click Add program.) Then choose a printer from the list and click Add mapping.

That's it.

Any programs you haven't configured with a new default printer continue to use the default printer you specified in Windows. It's a clever program that elegantly fills a need you didn't quite realize you had. [via gHacks]