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Australia #2 in Survey of Expats

In a survey commissioned by HSBC Bank International, Australia came in second, behind Canada, as the overall preferred destination for expat workers (or number one in the Asia Pacific region, if you really want to push it).

Here are a few more findings pulled from the report.

  • The survey revealed that the land of sun, sea and sand has the ingredients for a healthier life, as almost half (45 percent) of expats living in Australia reported experiencing a marked improvement in their personal health.
  • When asked to provide the top five reasons for staying in Australia, expats are much more likely to name the general environment and quality of life for their children than anywhere else (48 percent compared to the global average of 33 percent). Unsurprisingly, 83 percent mention that the weather is one of the best reasons for living in Australia.
  • What commute? Just 15 percent [of expats in Australia] have issues with their journey to work.
  • Expats living in Brazil are the most likely to go home at least once a year, with almost all (94 percent) doing so. This contrasts with expats living in Australia, where a significantly lower number (43 percent) of expats living there go home at least once a year.
  • Over a third (41 percent) of expats living in the UK find it difficult to sort out suitable accommodation. This differs significantly to Australia ... where finding accommodation is relatively simple --- just one-fifth --- find it difficult.
  • Australia is also among the top five countries in terms of quality of accommodation, entertainment and family life.
  • Living in Australia also allows expats to make purchases that they may not be able to do elsewhere. Over half (56 percent) of Australia-based expats claimed to own a property compared with one-third (31 percent) of expats globally.
You can download the full HSBC report here.

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