Aunt Jill on the 404: Google at $800, Hotmail, "Girls"

It's been so long since Jeff Bakalar, Justin Yu, Ariel Nunez  and I were all on CNET's 404 show together, which meant that we ran the gamut on topics. I had to start by showing off my brand new headphones, which I nervously purchased without Justin's help!

Google's stock rose 1.7 percent yesterday to $806.85, breaking through the $800 dollar threshold for the first time ever. The company went public in 2004 at $85 dollars a share and is up 14 percent this year. Of course, we can all remember when another tech company (ahem, Apple) broke through the $700 level, only to see the stock slide 30 percent in the ensuing six months.

Jeff says that a Hotmail e-mail account is nothing like the fuddy-duddy image of an aol one, though Microsoft still wants you to "upgrade" to its new mail system. I sort of miss my Outlook system, but no looking back! The guys also filled me in on international calling and texting apps - I diligently downloaded Viber as soon as I got home.

On the pop culture front, while we all wait for the final season of Breaking Bad, we are all watching both "Girls," only Justin and I are admitting our love for "Downton Abbey"!

We were able to answer a bunch of your money questions. If you have anything that's percolating between now and my next appearance on the 404, send it to: