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Aunt Jill on the 404: "Fiscal cliff", financial freedom

The so-called "fiscal cliff" is dominating the headlines, which is a great excuse for me to get on a soap box and discuss how to solve the nation's latest economic impasse with with Jeff, Justin, Ariel and all of the awesome 404 fans.

We start with an exchange of holiday gifts, before delving into Aunt Jill's sure-fire way to make a fiscal cliff deal before the holidays. The good news on the negotiations is that the two sides are talking. The bad news is that they are likely to drag this out until the bitter end. For more, check out this primer on the two dueling fiscal cliff plans.

If you are fed up with the fiscal cliff nonsense, fast forward to the end of the show, when I reel off a list of 12 ways to take control of your financial life!

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