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AT&T Customer? Get 1,000 Free Rollover Minutes

Competition is a wonderful thing. While AT&T has said more than once that it wasn't concerned about losing its exclusive lock on the iPhone and Verizon's entry into the market, having to share the sea with another predator can make you a much more conciliatory animal. Perhaps that's why you can now get 1,000 rollover minutes from AT&T, no strings attached, just by asking for them.

Here's the deal: If you would like to get credited for 1000 free minutes, just text the word "yes" to 11113020. You'll get acknowledged within a few minutes, and the minutes should, according to AT&T, show up in a few weeks.

This deal appears to work whether you've been invited by AT&T to send the text or not, and it also seems to work with any phone on the AT&T network -- not just iPhones.

BNET readers: If you give this a try, report back in the comments and let us know how it goes.

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