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Are You Good at Selling? Too Bad.

That's right. If you're good at selling, I feel sorry for you. Because you're probably not very successful.

A sad truth about life is that the results that you get are always one level below the effort that you make.

Take professional athletics. A good player gets what? Maybe a season in the minors, at best.

Same thing with parenting. The world is full of good parents who have raised children with awful problems.

Products, same thing. Companies with good products make average sales, at best. If there's an open playing field, only the companies with superlative products (think Apple) are wildly successful.

When it comes to sales, here's the way the world works:

  • Lousy Sales Skills = No Results.
  • Good Sales Skills = Lousy Results.
  • Excellent Sales Skills = Good Results.
  • Absolutely Outstanding Sales Skills = Excellent Results!
If you're only "good" at sales, my best advice to you is to work, as hard as you can and as fast as you can, to improve them.

AT LEAST get your game up to the "excellent" level. Anything less than that and you're just wasting your time in this career.

BTW, the above is based on something I heard Tony Robbins say many years ago. Smart guy.

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