Are You Earning as Much as Your Peers?

roll-of-money.jpgAccording to Training Magazine's Annual Salary Survey, average trainer salaries reached $81,940 this year; not a huge increase from last year's $81,489 , but still an increase.

Executive-level pay, hit $131,704, an 18.2 percent increase from 2006. Salaries for IT training managers -- if you're not one you may not want to read this part -- jumped 42 percent, up to $93,893. Female IT training managers fare far better than the men, bringing in $108,222 as opposed to $68,100. The consulting industry continues to boom, with an average salary of $115,259, while the health industry's on the other end of the spectrum, down to $79,656 from $92,229.

Interestingly, salaries for individuals with three years or less experience increased $5,752 while salaries for individuals with 13+ years experience increased just $60.

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(Roll of Money image by Refracted Moments)