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Are You Attracting the Right Prospects?

While any customer may be a good customer in the early days, a little way down the track the story can change.

And even in a tricky market, I don't buy into the any-customer-is-a-good-customer philosophy. Not if you want to command a premium anyway.

In the same way that our ideal clients shouldn't have to stumble across us by accident, nor should our non-ideal clients be continually welcomed with open arms, or retained to the detriment of our enjoyment or income.

The fashion industry are a good example to peruse.

They use a number of clear signals to appeal to their desired target audience and let their non-ideals know the score. They use strong audience focused imagery and language in all their marketing material. They reinforce this with music, attitude and sizing in-store.

As consumers we're rarely left in any doubt regarding "is this for me?"

So what's the equivalent in your business? Where might your marketing signals need a refresh?