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Are You a Top Salesperson?

Top Salesperson
Think you have what it takes to be a top salesperson? According to Ron Willingham, author of Integrity Selling for the 21st Century, top salespeople, regardless of industry, share the four specific characteristics:

  1. Complete goal clarity. Top salespeople have clear, specific, written-down statements of what they want to happen. So, if you don't have written goals, you' re probably not a top sales person.
  2. High drive for achievement. Top salespeople are completely committed to take the necessary steps to build strong customer relationships. So, if you've dropped the ball on customer accounts, more than once (your learning experience), you're probably not a top salesperson.
  3. Healthy emotional intelligence. Top salespeople have the ability to understand and control their own emotions. So, if this post is irritating you because if you didn't get passing marks on either of the first two characteristics, you're probably not a top salesperson.
  4. Excellent social skills. Top salespeople have the ability to achieve rapport with wide variety of customers. So, if you're not comfortable with your customers and would prefer to be doing something else rather than selling, you're probably not a top salesperson.
On the other hand, if you've got all of the above, you've probably got what it takes to sell at the highest levels. In that case, congratulations!

Have I missed anything?

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