Are ExecTweets Worth Your Time?

Last Updated Apr 16, 2009 6:21 PM EDT

Last week, Twitter debuted ExecTweets, a resource to help devotees find and follow the top business executives on the site. The slogan for the site: "Because it's everybody's business."

The idea is that we rank-and-filers want to hear what the bigwigs are ruminating about. And yes, the roster is somewhat impressive. They've got CEO Tony Hsieh, former AOL CEO Steve Case, and Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, to name a few.

But I don't know, folks. Is following the 140-character tweets of these guys going to make me smarter, savvier, or better at my job?

Some sample tweets:

"Listening to Steve Ballmer talk about the realities of the economic reset and how we need to plan for the future." - Mark Relph, Microsoft Canada

"I've determined that Google is becoming a complete wasteland for searching various topics due to the garbage results that often appear." - Allen Weiss, MarketingProfs

"The audience at the Cloud Computing Expo is getting ready." -Werner Vogels,

Interesting? Maybe. Enlightening? Not hardly.

Yes, there are probably going to be a few gems in there, along the lines of motivational speeches. But this whole endeavor makes me want to ask you:

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