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Apps that make last-minute tax filing easier

(MoneyWatch) Whether it's because you are waiting till the last minute to write a check to the IRS, or it's a simple case of procrastination, the fact remains that there are only a couple of weeks left to file your taxes, and you haven't done it yet. Looking for some ways to make the task less painful? Good news: I've got a few apps you should know about.

Slice. Slice is your secret weapon in the war to complete your taxes while maximizing your legal deductions. This app (available both for the iPhone and Android, as well as on the web) integrates with email to track your online shopping and purchases. The app frames itself as a tool that notifies you about packages shipments and deliveries, but it also keeps a thorough history of those purchase -- which means you can use it at the end of the year to collect your business, travel, and education expenses quickly and easily.

TurboTax SnapTax. If you -- or perhaps your kids -- have a very simple tax profile, then SnapTax might be just the ticket, especially when time gets short to file. The idea is pretty simple: Take a picture of your W-2, answer a few questions, and file your taxes. It's that easy. There's even a tutorial to help you get through the straightforward process. The app is free, but costs $25 to file (and includes your state taxes as well as Federal).

Mint. Speaking of secret weapons, Mint is an incredible general-purpose finance tool that pulls together all of your financial accounts -- banks, credit cards, and so on -- into a single display on the web or your iPhone or Android device. The site lets you create and track a budget, analyze your expenses, and review your finances. At tax time, Mint's automatic categorization and deduction tagging simplifies your tax prep, and it integrates with TurboTax. Mint also can track your return after you submit it and keep you informed about your refund, if you get one.

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