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Apple sells 14.8 iPads per hour on Black Friday, 75% of stores sold out of iPhone 4S


(CBS) - Forget all the talk about Kindle Fire being an iPad killer. Apple has also had an amazing Black Friday.

Amazon Kindle Fire wins big on Black Friday
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According to Apple Insider, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore and his team surveyed more than 200 Apple Stores on Black Friday in the U.S. to evaluate the demand for items like the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The numbers were staggering. Whitmore found that 75 percent of Apple stores were sold out of the iPhone 4S and about 50 percent of AT&T stores were sold out over the weekend following Black Friday.

It wasn't just Apple Stores that were included. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Best Buy Walmart and Target added a collective 100 locations to the research.

A separate study conducted by Gene Munster for asset management firm Piper Jaffray found that about 14.8 iPads were sold per hour on Black Friday. That number bumps Apple's sales up 68 percent from last year.

Looks like there's room for both the Kindle Fire and the iPad under the Christmas tree.

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