Apple iPhone 5 rumors: New dock connector, fall release date


(CBS News) Apple's next iPhone is expected to go on sale in October and rumors over its new design are resurfacing.

Apple's next iPhone may have thinner screen
iPhone 5 will reportedly launch in the fall

The iPhone 5, as its currently being called, may reduce the size of its dock connector from the current 30-pin connector port to a 19-pin port, according to Reuters, citing sources familiar with the matter. Apparently, the size adjustment is planned so that the earphone jack can be moved to the bottom.

Changing the size of the iPhone 5 dock could annoy people currently using Apple-related accessories, like speaker systems, converter cables or car chargers. However, analysts suggest that the change could give accessory makers a boost in sales.

Another overhaul of the iPhone design may be in the works, if previous rumors are true. Earlier reports suggest that the iPhone's screen will be thinner and the size will jump from 3.5-inches to 4-inches.

A recent Wall Street Journal report suggested that the next iPhone screen will be made by three companies - Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display - citing sources close to the matter.

Using technology that reportedly integrates sensors into liquid crystal displays (LCD), the need for a separate touch-screen layer may be eliminated, shaving off about half a millimeter of thickness.

In May, the blog iLounge reported a rumor that the new iPhone will be longer and thinner than previous models. The blog also said the new iPhone will use Gorilla Glass 2, which is slightly thinner than the original and the screen size will bump up to a 4-inch from the traditional 3.5-inches and may sport a metal back, instead of glass.

Release date rumors have varied, but several reports point at an October launch. Verizon chief financial officer Fran Shammo hinted at an iPhone 5 launch in the fourth quarter during a conference call last week.