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Apple announces next generation iMac

Apple announces next generation iMac Tuesday at California Theater in San Jose, Calif.

The new iMac features a razor-thin design, no optical drive and a body that is 80 percent thinner than the previous model.

The new iMac comes in two sizes: 21.5-inch at 1920 x 1080 display resolution or 27-inch at 2560 x 1440. Other features include left and right speakers, dual microphones and a FaceTime HD camera.

"The graphics will look like they're right on top of the glass," Apple senior vice president Phil Shiller.

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The new iMac's also features a display that is 5mm thick, Intel's Ivy Bridge processor and a new storage design called Fusion storage, which is a combination of a solid-state drive and mechanical hard drive. 

The 21.5-inch iMac starts at $1,299 and will ship in November. The 27-inch iMac starts at $1,799 and will ship in December.

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