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App syncs all your Windows 8 devices

(MoneyWatch) One of the loudest complaints with Windows 8 thus far has been the paucity of practical or high-quality applications in the Windows Store. Things are starting to look us, though. Just in the last week, for example, Microsoft (MSFT) scored a win with a solid Twitter app. And now I've run across an interesting "to-do" manager that could be a handy tool for anyone who has more than one Windows 8 PC -- like a desktop and slate.

Qool is an interesting take on the traditional task tracker. It's essentially a blank page on which you can add unstructured text just by double-clicking and typing anywhere. You can color-code text and drag it around anywhere on the screen at any time.

The work surface, which Qool calls your dashboard, can be customized with a half dozen or so layouts; you can choose to arrange your to do entries in a weekly calendar, for example, in a business metrics grid or within do/done columns.

The most intriguing part of Qool is that it syncs automatically with all your other Windows 8 devices, so you can access your dashboard at your desk and on the go on a Windows 8 laptop or tablet. You can also pin specific to-do entries to your start screen, which theoretically makes them more prominent and more likely to get accomplished.

There are a lot of way to track to-dos, but Qool is an easy and visually inviting method that suggests there is some innovation to be had in the Windows Store.

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