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Anyone for a Cruise? How About Your Kids?

The cruise industry had a big story in Time magazine this week, saying that cruising is now cheaper than staying in a hotel. (The article pegged at least one cruise charging about $50 a day.) With the cruise industry in recession peril, it seems like time to explore any new money-making ideas.

Perhaps that's why Royal Caribbean International resurrected its partnership with Nickelodeon to compete head-on with Disney Cruises -- providing a rival in the family cruise market -- for at least two cruises this summer. So far several price points are sold out in both East and West Coast cruises. Cable channel Nickelodeon is known for its many cartoon characters, such as Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer, and will have many of its stars -- including some from its live-action "iCarly" --on the cruises. (Also expect someone to be slimed, it's a Nickelodeon staple.)

Royal Caribbean added the two cruises after a sold-out debut last year. If sales continue, it's likely 2009's cruises will also sell out. So, at least one cruise line has a profitable idea . . . but will any others follow?

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

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