Anthony Weiner returns to Twitter

On June 16, Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York resigned from Congress following the revelation that he had sent lewd photos and messages to several women he met online -- and then lied about it. The seven-term Democrat was well known as an outspoken liberal, but his sexting scandal served as a warning to lawmakers of the dangers of imprudently using technology.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner has returned to Twitter, over a year after the micro-blogging service got him into hot water.

Weiner's last post on Twitter was on June 1, 2011 -- just weeks before he resigned from Congress.

Weiner accidentally tweeted photos of his crotch to his Twitter followers, but claimed he was hacked. The New York lawmaker made the mistake of sending a lewd message to his followers that was intended to be private. He ultimately admitted to having "inappropriate" online relationships with several women and resigned on June 16.

On Wednesday, Weiner posted the link to a YouTube video on his Twitter feed, showing the damage in the Rockaways in New York, left in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Some are questioning why Weiner would return to Twitter. But, the former Congressman may just be trying to raise awareness. The Rockaways were a part of Weiner's district, and according to The Observer, he was previously seen volunteering in the area.