Ansar Al Islam Sets Up New Media Unit, Posts Video of IED Attack

(Ansar al Islam)
The Iraqi militant group Ansar al Islam, announced the launch of its own jihadi media outlet in an Internet statement posted on the popular al Ekhlaas forum Friday. The group, which is also known as the Army of Ansar al Sunna, said the new unit, named al Ansar Media, is the latest addition to a growing list of jihadi media outlets responsible for the dissemination of militant groups' propaganda over the Internet, including As Sahab and the Global Islamic Media Front, which represent al Qaeda, al Furqan, which represents the Islamic State of Iraq and Labbayk and Amat, which represent the Taliban.

CBS News' Terror Monitor acquired the first production mounted by the group; a 4:52 minute video depicting an IED attack on a U.S. M-RAP in Mosul. The footage shows a massive blast ripping through the vehicle and destroying it completely. The crew of another vehicle is seen helping an injured soldier get out of the M-RAP wreckage, as U.S. planes fire a couple of missiles on nearby positions. A third M-RAP and a tank join the rescue operation, which ends up with the destroyed vehicle being towed away. The date of the attack was not provided by the group.