Angelina Jolie Alert

Angelina Jolie!!!! The Most Famous Potentially Pregnant Woman in the World has been invited to Capitol Hill. Somebody, please tell Drudge.

Oh, wait. Not so fast. Apparently, Republican Rep. Thelma Drake of Virginia only asked her Chairman on the Armed Services Committee, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), to invite her to the committee, according to a "dear colleague" letter the congresswoman sent Skelton (which was quickly blasted to reporters here in the Beltway). And it looks like she might not get the official nod.

We at The Crypt are never afraid to pander, especially on a slow Friday. And today I'm afraid I'm stooping to a new low: An item about Angelina Jolie (she of the Brad Pitt-saving-the-world Jolies) being invited to testify before the House Armed Services Committee. Yes, it has come to this. And no, I'm not proud (although I won't lose any sleep over it either).

Sadly, for the stargazers among you, a spokeswoman for Skelton would not comment on Drake's request, leading me to believe we may never catch a glimpse of our jet-setting crusader whose resume includes goodwill ambassador to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (not to mention the Tomb Raider movies and that spy vs. spy flick with the aforementioned Mr. Pitt).
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