Anderson Cooper on temporary blindness, CNN shakeup


(CBS News) "60 Minutes" correspondent and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joined "CBS This Morning" on Thursday to discuss an incident he shared on Twitter and with his "Anderson Live" audience earlier this week, when he told them he went blind while on assignment in Portugal.

Cooper experienced temporary blindness for 36 hours after sunburning his eyeballs from UV light bouncing off water. Describing the incident, he said "I woke up that night...with excruciating pain and I couldn't see ... it feels like you have sand in your eyes," he said, adding, "You can burn your eyes just like you can burn your skin."

Anderson also addressed recent personnel changes at CNN -- former NBC New chief Jeff Zucker recently signed on as president of the struggling news network -- and the role of bystanders and journalists in incidents like the recent New York City subway murder. For more, watch the video above.