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And She Directs, Too

As if being an Emmy-winning television star, a superstar movie actress and a successful film producer weren't enough, Jennifer Aniston has a new credit for her resume: director.

Aniston marked the world premiere of her directorial debut, the short film "Room 10," Monday night at the Directors Guild in Los Angeles.

The film is one of three short stories brought to life under the direction of women in Hollywood as part of "Glamour Reel Moments" competition.

Aniston, 37, told AP Television she thought her first stint behind would have come years ago. "Well, I was slotted to direct an episode of 'Friends' And then I got 'The Good Girl.' See? So, you either got 'The Good Girl' or you got a very bad direction of 'Friends.'"

The actress, perhaps best known for playing Rachel on the TV sitcom, says this time, the timing was right.

"I think it was just timing, and I think – 'cause it's supposed to be right here, and this experience, which is just wonderful," she said.

The film, which Aniston co-directed with her friend Andrea Buchanan, features actors Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson. "Room 10" was inspired by the real-life story of Glamour reader Colleen Goldrick.

Aniston was joined by Kristofferson, Penn and actor Sean Penn at the film's debut. Actors Rita Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Alfred Molina and director Ron Howard were also at the event, where two other short films debuted Monday night.

Bryce Dallas Howard, the daughter of director Ron Howard, directed and co-wrote the film "Orchid," a love story starring Katherine Waterston and Alfred Molina. Leifer directed "Blinders," starring Jaime Lynn Siegler, of "The Sopranos."

The three films, which benefit FilmAid International, will be shown in 10 U.S. cities.

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