An Ode to Love

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On Valentine's Day, a question to contemplate:

What is the most powerful sentence in the English language?

I think it is this one, and it's not a long sentence but a very short one, only three words: I love you.

Like nearly all the things we value most in life, it describes something that cannot be touched, only felt.

I wrote a little verse about it once in answer to a question:

A child's question asked of me,
If I can't see it, can it be?
I see my toy, I know it's there.
I feel my arm, I touch my hair.
These are things I know to be.
But what of things I cannot see?
What of the wind, where does it go?
Are there other things to know?
Oh yes, my dear, and soon you'll find
They're locked inside the heart and mind.
Sweet love's desire, a mother's prayer,
More real than all you see out there.
More real than sun and moon and rain,
At first much harder to explain.
The only thing that I can say
I say it now in just this way:
What is real and what is not?
Love is real, the rest is not.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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