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An Interview Survival Kit on Your iPhone

After the initial job search, resume building, and social networking is complete, you'll inevitably get to an actual job interview.

If you're comfortable speaking in public and already have a thousand interviews under your belt, you might be all set. But for the rest of us, every little tip can help make the difference between an interview that ends in a job offer and one that sends you back to

Thankfully, I've just found a very cool little app for your iPhone (or iPod or iPad) which dispenses all sorts of handy interview advice.

The Interview Survival Kit [iTunes link] is a free app with articles, checklists, and video to help you weather an interview.

The app begins with a checklist you can use to prepare for the interview, starting at about 72 hours prior (research the company and choose your clothes), and terminates with several day-of recommendations, such as smart choices for what to eat and drink before the interview (avoid things which could stain your clothes at the last minute). There's even a reminder to be polite to the receptionist, who might well be polled as a part of your interview.

The meat of the app is a set of videos with graphic demonstrations of how to -- and how not to -- deal with typical interview scenarios. There's also some additional reading, and advice on how to handle common interview questions.

You won't find days' worth of content here -- you can consume the entire app in about an hour. But it has some handy interview advice, the entire program is well designed and easy to use, and it's completely free. If you're job hunting, be sure to download it.