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An Intern's Dispatch From The House Floor

A dispatch from a Hill intern who seems to have enjoyed being on the House floor...

It was some experience---but my last day of the internship was definitely the bees' knees. I usually gave one tour a week--but I wanted to give my last tour on my last day of the internship.

I had a group of 21 people and one of the people in the group wanted me to point to any congressman or senator I saw pass by. So toward the end of the tour, I was wrapping up the description in Statuary Hall (nearby the House side of the Capitol) and I saw Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, a Republican of North Carolina, who was in the middle of a camera interview down the corridor. Well, she saw me point to her and she left the camera in the middle of the interview and walked up to me and the group. I didn't know what to think--I didn't mean to interrupt her interview. She came up to me and she was holding this big poster that was as big as her and looked at my intern I.D. and asked, "What office are you from?"I told her I was from Senator John Warner's office and she stared me and said "Good, Republican, great! Follow me and your group too!"

I didn't know what to expect...



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