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Amylin's Eastham Says Eastbourne's Behrens Is Not Telling the Truth About $20 Share Bid

Amylin director Karin Eastham has, in essence, called Eastbourne Capital board candidate M. Kathleen Behrens a liar (or at least an amnesiac).

On May 11, Behrens had written to Amylin decrying the company's "baseless accusation[s]" and "innuendo"; she alleged Amylin was spreading a rumor that she wanted to see Amylin acquired by another company at $20 a share. Behrens insisted that she wants no such thing.

Today, Eastham wrote back to Behrens to say, Yeah, you did say that:

You may recall that you and I had a phone conversation on January 22, 2009 ... During that conversation, we discussed the topic of a potential sale of the Company and you expressed an interest and willingness to sell Amylin at a price of $20 a share ...

I listened very carefully to your perspective and respectfully assure you that you did in fact state your willingness to sell Amylin for $20 a share.

Amylin is attempting to fend off a challenge for control of its board by Eastbourne and investor Carl Icahn; both believe the company's stock has fallen too low. A shareholder vote is scheduled for the end of this month.
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