"American Sniper" box office numbers higher than first projected

The box office results for "American Sniper" were even bigger than first estimated.

Clint Eastwood's war film raked in $107 million over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Initial figures had it at $102 million for the wide-release weekend.

"American Sniper" marks the biggest January weekend ever -- and the second highest R-rated debut behind "The Matrix Reloaded" at $91.7 million. It's also Eastwood's biggest opening, too, topping his 2008 film, "Gran Torino," with $29 million.

The film had trickled out in very limited release two weeks before opening nationwide.

"American Sniper," which is up for six Oscars including best picture, follows Bradley Cooper playing real-life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Cooper, who packed on 40 pounds of muscle for the role, says the film has a lot of depth.

"I never saw it as a war movie, I saw it as a character study," Cooper told CBS News. "So, I never even contemplated anything other than someone would get to know this man and his family."

The movie's wide release has sparked a lot of talk in Hollywood from the likes of Michael Moore, Seth Rogen and others.