American Muslims describe fear of Brussels backlash

MINNEAPOLIS -- In a recent survey, 60 percent of American Muslims said they faced discrimination in the past year because of their religion.

High-profile terror attacks, and anti-Muslim rhetoric from some of the presidential candidates, are adding to the backlash.

In Minneapolis, home to America's largest Muslim Somali community, we sat down with Aman Obsiye, Asma Jama and Abdirizak Bihi in a coffee shop.

CBS News' Adriana Diaz speak with, from right to left, Aman Obsiye, Asma Jama, and Abdirizak Bihi CBS News

Bihi has been working to stem radicalization there since 2008, when young Somali Americans started joining terror groups abroad. He worries comments from candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about Muslims could make things worse.

Bihi agreed when asked if their words are being used as ammunition by terrorist groups. "Big time. They are already using those statements in the propaganda video."