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American and Southwest cancel more Boeing 737 Max flights

Indonesian airline cancels $5B Boeing order
Indonesia's national airline cancels $5B Boeing order 02:23
  • American Airlines is canceling 90 daily flights with Boeing 737 Max planes, and Southwest is canceling 130 a day
  • The cancellations are a result of the FAA grounding all of the Max 8 and 9 versions of Boeing's workhorse 737
  • United Airlines, which also uses some 737 Max planes, is using other equipment and isn't canceling any flights

New York - American Airlines is extending cancellations of flights through April 24 due to the grounding of Boeing 737 Max aircraft, as federal regulators continue to investigate two deadly crashes involving that model. Southwest Airlines is also continuing to make cancellations.

American has 24 Boeing 737 Max aircraft in its fleet and said Sunday that it will be canceling about 90 flights a day. Not every flight that was previously scheduled to be on a Max aircraft will be canceled, and some flights scheduled to fly on other aircraft types may ultimately be canceled. The airline said it will contact affected fliers directly.

Southwest, which has 34 Max aircraft, is making cancellations five days in advance, with an average of 130 daily cancellations. On Saturday, it also began to ferry all its Max aircraft to a facility in Victorville, California, without passengers, to free up space at the airports where they had been parked.

Boeing to make standard $80K warning light that was not on doomed Max 8 jets 04:09

United Airlines, which has 14 Max aircraft, does not have any flights scheduled on the equipment through April 9. It doesn't expect any future cancellations as a result of the grounding of the planes, and it's using alternate aircraft to make up for its grounded 737s.

Canceled orders

Aviation authorities around the world grounded Boeing 737 Max aircraft earlier this month following deadly crashes involving the plane model in Ethiopia and off the coast of Indonesia, which occurred within five months of each other.

Indonesia's flag carrier PT Garuda Indonesia said it's planning to cancel a $4.9 billion order, citing a loss of confidence after the two crashes. It had ordered 50 Max 8 jets in 2014 and had received just one plane last year.

Garuda sent a letter to Boeing requesting to cancel the order, company spokesman Ikhsan Rosan said Friday. It had so far paid Boeing about $26 million for the order. Boeing declined to comment, telling CBS News it does "not comment on discussions with any of our customers."

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