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Alternatives To Treating Menopause

Hormone problems can cause misery for women of all ages.

To help lessen the misery, author Dr. Erika Schwartz wrote "The 30-Day Natural Hormone Plan" as an alternative guide of relief for women who don't like the idea of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Schwartz says having hormones in balance is crucial to health and many people don't even realize that they're suffering from an imbalance.

She says on The Early Show, "With the New Year, we all go on diets and we exercise and try to get better. Why do we fall off the wagon? Why don't all these diets work? Well, because the reason at the core is hormone imbalance."

Schwartz specializes in natural hormones, estrogen and progesterone made from the synthesis of yams and soy. She says her plan is proven with numerous patients to relieve symptoms and keep you feeling and looking young.

"You follow the-30 day natural hormone plan, what happens first is I balance your hormones with natural hormones, with supplements and then I give you a day-by-day 30-day plan of what to do as far as diet is concerned, exercise, stress management," she adds.

The plan is individualized to try to flush out the specific toxins in the bodies that can throw hormones out of balance and identify the specific symptoms in their physiologic or mental states brought on by hormone changes.

She explains, "There is a world of difference between synthetic hormone replacement therapy and natural hormones. When we're young and in our 20s, we're full of hormones and we're healthy and we are beautiful. We don't have wrinkles and we certainly don't have heart attacks or cancer. As we get older, our hormones start leaving us. When they leave us, symptoms appear. PMS, weight gain, loss of libido, all kinds of problems."

You need a prescription for natural hormones, which you can get from your physician. Schwartz recommends following the whole plan.

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