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Allergan Earnings Boost Came Courtesy of Its Army of Hollywood Stars

Allergan (AGN) had a great Q2 2010 earnings report: revenues were up 10 percent to $1.2 billion. In terms of Botox, breast implants and tummy tucks the recesssion is well and truly over.

But Allergan did not do this alone. It had help from Hollywood. As CEO David Pyott noted in in call with Wall Street analysts, actress Claire Danes was added as a "second spokeswoman" behind the redoubtable Brooke Shields for Latisse, the company's controversial eyelash lengthener.

More than any other drug company, Allergan ropes in the residents of Beverly Hills to help it normalize our cultural views about synthetic beauty, and to sell prescription products. Here's an incomplete list of stars that have either appeared directly on Allergan's payroll or who have indirectly shown "support" for causes funded by Allergan:

All images from Wikimedia Commons.
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