Alaska Volcano Continues Eruptions

Looking south at the north flank of Redoubt volcano. Ashfall limited to south crater floor, rim, and extending south-southeast. Source of ash is a vent south of the 1990 dome at an elevation of ~8300 ft. Picture Date: March 15, 2009 Cyrus Read, Alaska Volcano Observatory/USGS The recent activity has prompted the warning code to be elevated to red (meaning eruption is imminent or underway; significant emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere is likely). volcano, volcanic, eruption, seismic,
H. Bleick, Alaska Volcano Obs./USGS
Alaska's Mount Redoubt has erupted twice, with the larger burst sending an ash cloud 65,000 feet into the air.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory says the eruptions were about an hour apart on Thursday, with the first and smaller one about 8:30 a.m. The ash cloud in that eruption reached about 30,000 feet.

The National Weather Service says prevailing winds are expected to carry ash from the larger eruption east across Cook Inlet.

An ash fall advisory has been issued for the western Kenai Peninsula, and covers the towns of Kenai, Soldotna and Cooper Landing.

The smaller ash cloud was expected to reach Homer later Thursday with only trace amounts expected to fall.

Mount Redoubt started erupting late Sunday.

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