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Alan Jackson, Country Music Superstar, Sells House for $28M

Forget Hollywood. The hotbed for high-end property sales is ... Nashville.

Alan Jackson's 19,000 square-foot mansion, known as Sweetbriar, just sold for a sweet $28 million to a California businessman.

Or as the country music giant would put it: "Well, he commutes to LA, but he's got a house in the valley."

This just a week after a $4 million horse farm sale in Williamson, County, Tenn., south of Nashville.

But what's $4 million, really? Four million just buys you a four-bedroom home on 68 acres. Whereas $28 million buys you ... a six-bedroom home with two guesthouses on 135 acres.

Did I mention the stocked lake? The 20-car garage? Alan Jackson and his wife Denise spent two years building the home. Just hit this link for all the photos of Sweetbriar you could want, courtesy of our blogger friend, the realestalker.

The home is generally in good taste (as far as 19,000 square-foot homes go) but those of you who have been reading my "Selling New York" coverage know I have a thing about recessed lights in ceiling beams. That's just beyond hideous, and I'm going to start a campaign: Just say no. No low glow. Ever.

The buyers of Sweetbriar, according to E. Thomas Wood of the Nashville Post, are Willis and Reba Johnson, via trust. He's a founder and ex-CEO of Copart, Inc., a public company that auctions cars.

Perhaps other CEOs will follow him in "goin' country."

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