Al Sahab Video Shows Saudis On A Suicide Mission In Khost

(Al Sahab)
A new ten-minute video released by al Qaeda's media wing al Sahab and obtained by CBS News shows two Saudi militants carrying out a suicide attack on what the group claims is a joint U.S.-Afghani base in Khost in Afghanistan.

The militants, who are identified as Abu Hamza al Makki and Abul Baraa al Hijazi, make short statements to explain why they decided to carry out the attack and call on other Muslims to follow the same path, saying that martyrdom operations have proven to be better than any weapon used against the "infidels."

The undated video shows a few shots from a reconnaissance video of the attack site, followed by shots of the militants right before they set off on their mission. The plan involved one of them engaging the guards outside the base, while the other rams the vehicle into the building. The first man is then meant to make his way into the base to blow himself up.

The video closes with a wide shot of the explosion followed by pictures showing several U.S. choppers flaying over the base. The narrator claims 30 soldiers were killed in the attack, including a high-ranking officer.