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Airbnb service changes will allow users to search by total price

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Airbnb is overhauling its booking system to show upfront more of the total price guests will pay, reversing a design choice that annoyed many customers. 

Formerly hidden cleaning fees and service fees the platform charges will now be displayed in search, company CEO Brian Chesky said Monday.

The company will also change the search algorithm to allow travelers to sort bookings by total price, rather than a "nightly price" that often hid additional fees. 

"I've heard you loud and clear—you feel like prices aren't transparent and checkout tasks are a pain," Chesky said on Twitter. "Starting next month, you'll be able to see the total price you're paying up front." 

Getting rid of "unreasonable" cleaning demands

Airbnb is also cracking down on how much work hosts can request of their guests when they check out. "Unreasonable" cleaning demands, like asking guests to strip the bed, do laundry or vacuum, are no longer allowed, Chesky said. 

The company isn't changing the fees it charges, which include cleaning fees, service fees, extra-guest fees and any state and local taxes. 

People on Twitter piled on to Chesky's announcement with praise as well as more product requests. Many complained that the "total" price would still leave out the taxes paid on a booking. 

"[W]hy not include taxes in the total price number shown in search? You could fully remove the sticker shock if you… included *everything*," read one tweet.

Other consumers requested features like a loyalty program for frequent travelers or the ability to search for stays by bed size. 

The company is coming off its most profitable quarter, in which it earned $1.2 billion in profit on $2.9 billion in revenue. 

As the economy slows, Chesky expects more people to list their houses on the platform to make added income, he told investors Monday.

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