Aerosmith better than ever: Steven Tyler

Ever think you could go backstage with one of the top rock bands of the last four decades?

"Dream on," you might say.

But the dream came true for "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan, who went on tour with Aerosmith.

"CBS This Morning" gave viewers a preview, from "60 Minutes Overtime."

They travel with their kids, wives, future wives -- even ex-wives.

At first glance, it looked like one big, happy, 40-year old family.

$20 million for 10 shows in South America brought them together, and they arrived at each country, like conquering heroes.

How good a band is Aerosmith today, in 2012 compared to the last 40 years?

"This band is better than it's ever been," replied Steven Tyler, the band's lead singer and frontman. "It's not because I'm old now and the band's been around forever and it's our last tour. Bull-bleep. It's because this band's that good."

To see Lara Logan's preview piece, click on the video in the player above.

  • Lara Logan

    Lara Logan's bold, award-winning reporting from war zones has earned her a prominent spot among the world's best foreign correspondents. Logan began contributing to 60 Minutes in 2005.