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Addicted to Coffee? You've got Plenty of Company

Here's a holiday that's easy to like: Today is National Coffee Day. Fittingly, Dunkin' Donuts and jobs site CareerBuilder have jointly commissioned a study to see who drinks the most java, and who relies on it the most to get them through the workday. They polled about 4,700 people.

Overall, about 34% of people say they need coffee to get through the workday. Of those who drink coffee,

  • 46% say they are less productive without it.
  • 61% drink two or more cups a day
  • 28% drink three or more cups a day
While coffee was once considered bad for your health, it's now thought to have many benefits besides simply jolting you awake in the morning.
  • Heavy coffee drinkers may be half as likely to get diabetes as light drinkers or nondrinkers, perhaps because coffee may contain chemicals that lower blood sugar.
  • Coffee might also help protect against cancer. Coffee drinkers are 50% less likely to get liver cancer than those who don't drink it, and a few studies have found ties to lower rates of colon, breast, and rectal cancers among coffee enthusiasts.
  • There is some evidence that coffee may protect men, but not women, against Parkinson's disease.
How would you like that?
  • Attorneys and judges are most likely to take their coffee black, as are hotel workers
  • Human resources professionals and personal caretakers are most likely to take their coffee with cream and sugar
  • Editors, writers, government workers and teachers are most likely to favor flavored coffees
By profession, those who say they rely on coffee the most are:
  1. Scientist/Lab Technician
  2. Marketing/Public Relations Professional
  3. Education Administrator
  4. Editor/Writer
  5. Healthcare Administrator
  6. Physician
  7. Food Preparer
  8. Professor
  9. Social Worker
  10. Financial Professional
  11. Personal Caretaker
  12. Human Resources Benefits Coordinator
  13. Nurse
  14. Government Professional
  15. Skilled Tradesperson
How do you make sure you're alert at the start of the work day? Any ideas for those of us who don't drink coffee?
Image courtesy flickr user Marcelo Alves
Kimberly Weisul is a freelance editor, writer, and editorial consultant. Follow her on twitter at
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