Add Screenshots to Your Site in a Flash with ScreenDash

Last Updated Feb 26, 2009 1:12 PM EST

If you frequently capture screenshots to add to your site or blog or to send to co-workers, here's an app you're sure to like: ScreenDash makes it a snap to capture and share screenshots.

After installing the program (Windows only), click the Capture button and then draw a box around the area you want to save.

This works much like Vista's own Snipping Tool, but ScreenDash goes the extra mile: Click the Share button and you get instant image hosting, complete with a URL to share via e-mail, an IMG code for use in Web forums, and an HTML code for embedding.

The ScreenDash app also includes various image-editing and paint tools so you can retouch or spruce up your screen grabs. It even has Photoshop-style layers.

Alas, the free version of ScreenDash, while completely functional, adorns your screenshots with banner ads and a ScreenDash logo. By upgrading to the $30 Premium version, you can rid yourself of both. You also get extras like custom FTP hosting and the option to print and e-mail screenshots directly.

Though its interface can be confusing at first, ScreenDash is a great little tool. For bloggers especially, it saves considerable time in capturing and embedding screenshots.

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