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Add More Options to Windows' Right-Click Menus

You know what would make my life a lot simpler? If Microsoft had bothered to add "copy to" and "move to" options to Windows' context menus -- you know, the ones that appear when you right-click a file, a folder, or the desktop.

Right-Click Extender turbocharges your right-click menus, allowing you to add such useful options as "copy to folder," encrypt/decrypt, hide file/folder, and Task Manager. Take a look:

I love everything about this tiny utility, which requires no installation -- you just run the program and choose the options you want.

Not sure what everything does? Mouse over any option to see a brief description. When you enable (or disable) an option, just click Apply and the change is made immediately.

Best bets: Copy To and Move To, which greatly simplify copying and moving files; and Control Panel and Task Manager, which put those frequently used options just two clicks away.

Right-Click Extender is free. It was designed for Windows 7, but it also works in Vista -- and some features will work in XP as well. [via gHacks]

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