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Add Firefox Jump Lists to Windows 7 with Winfox

If you've been tinkering with Windows 7, you've probably discovered Jump Lists: context-sensitive pop-up lists that provide quick access to recent documents/Web sites or frequently used tasks. It's a terrific feature that quickly becomes indispensable once you start using it.

Alas, while there's a Jump List baked into Windows 7 for Internet Explorer (right-click its taskbar icon to see it), Firefox users are outta luck. Or were, until now: Winfox adds a Firefox Jump List to Windows 7.

After downloading and extracting the files, install the version of Winfox that corresponds to your version of Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). When it's done, pin the Winfox icon to your taskbar (by right-clicking it and choosing Pin to Taskbar).

You can launch Firefox like normal by clicking the Winfox icon, or mouse over the icon to see thumbnails of all open Firefox windows. A right-click brings up the Jump List, which shows frequently accessed sites in the top portion and common tasks (like Open New Tab) below that. You can also pin favorite sites to the Jump List by dragging a "favicon" from the Firefox address bar down to the Winfox icon.

No doubt Mozilla will add Jump List support to Firefox down the road. Until then, Winfox brings one of Windows 7's best assets to the browser. [via Lifehacker]

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