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Act Now! Charlie Sheen Wants Sponsors on Twitter

Charlie Sheen's meltdown is available for sponsors on Twitter, if they're so inclined. The off-the-rails actor became the fastest person to gather 1 million followers on the microblog service yesterday, something he was only able to do because his account was specially wrangled and verified by, the agency that hooks up celebrity tweeters with sponsors.

Now is offering Sheen's Twitter stream for advertisers. He has "1,125,027 Followers, 9.0 Avg. Daily Posts," according to's Sheen entry. Although Sheen has fewer followers than Kim Kardashian, who gets a top price from sponsors, he could easily command $10,000 per tweet given the media reach it would generate.

As yet, Sheen has not made any overtly sponsored Twitter posts. It would be entirely plausible for him to do so, however -- Lindsay Lohan took money from Norton Symantec and Fashion Bay for tweeting even as she headed to jail last year.

Sheen has made plenty of brand shoutouts so that potential clients can gauge the, er, quality of the opportunity: DirecTV, Naked juice, Patek Phillipe, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians have all shown up in Sheen's Twitpics so far. CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh told Ad Age there is interest from companies that want to attach themselves to Sheenmania:

Oh, it's early days -- it's been under 24 hours. Call me tomorrow and we'll see what's happening. Our phone's been ringing off the hook.
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