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Across The Media Universe: "Rock This Country!" Edition

Oddly, Nine Inch Nails Don't Make Cut: Hillary Clinton wants you – yes, You! – to pick her campaign theme song. Idolator has the nominees. Among them: "Get Ready" by The Temptations, "Rock This Country!" by Shania Twain, and my personal favorite, "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones. A year ago I noted how presidential candidates were releasing their (alleged) iPod playlists to the press corps to generate a little puffy coverage. On Hillary's was Aretha Franklin's "Respect," the Eagles' "Take It to the Limit," and U2's "Beautiful Day," which is also in the running for the campaign theme song slot.

Christopher Cross: Have you been watching the rather insane Christopher Hitchens anti-Jerry Falwell cable tour? It's harder to take one's eyes off than a piano-playing cat. Start with this video of Hitch on CNN with Anderson Cooper, in which he calls Falwell "such a little toad," a "horrible little person," and one of the "evil old men." And then check out Hitch's even more amazing appearance on "Hannity & Colmes," which closes with Hitchens saying "If you gave Falwell an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox." (Fishbowl DC explains.) If XM needs an even more controversial replacement for "Opie and Anthony", might I suggest Hitch and Patrice O'Neal?

Blog Trouble In Little China: The United States military may be cracking down on bloggers, but, after a protest, China "has abandoned plans for a law requiring all Chinese blog service providers to ask their users for verifiable personal details before they can start blogging," according to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, all those folks surfing the series of tubes have been causing a bit of a headache. Notes the Journal: "The Internet has been a decade-old challenge for China. While it has brought the country commercial opportunities…it also has surprised the government with its ability to connect citizens and let them access foreign news and distribute sensitive information."

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