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About the New 'Catching Flack'

This blog is all about helping PR people do a better job at media relations and the practice of PR. Over time, I'll cover a range of subjects, from working with the top-tier media to working with bloggers to crisis communications, agency management and corporate communications. I'll examine current media relations and PR issues and figure out what lessons we can take from them.

Most of my posts will include tips and strategies for tackling your job more effectively. So if you've got a tip you'd like to share with your fellow PR practitioners, or a (short) war story or success story from the PR trenches, send it to me. If I use your item, I'll be happy to give you credit, share links, etc. To reach me, click on my name above on this or any post or email me: jon AT Here's what we won't use (so don't send it): general PR trade news, such as announcements about new hires, account wins or office openings.

We've just had a big blow-up regarding spam pitching, instigated by Wired editor Chris Anderson. So we'll use this blog as a blog-pitching laboratory: can PR people learn to pitch bloggers the way they want to be pitched -- that is, with information that fits specifically into their blog's point of view?

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