About The Blog Roll

Unlike many blogrolls, ours is not intended to be a comprehensive list of Web offerings. Instead, this compilation seeks to provide links to helpful and thought-provoking sites focused on the media and topics of news and general interest. We've selected these sites because they are essential to the niches they serve, or because we like them. This list will change from time to time as events dictate, but will not become an endless list of links.

We have tried to provide a good mix, some informational, some opinionated, some a little offbeat. In the "media" realm, sites like Romenesko give a quick look at what media writers are writing about while destinations like Lost Remote and Media Bistro bring in more business news and Editor & Publisher provides more analysis. And, of course, we have included links to sites that criticize the media from a political point of view, from the Media Research Center and National Review's Online Media Blog to Media Matters and the Daily Howler.

And we have sought to present a wide, balanced range of views as represented by some of the more popular and outspoken voices in the blogosphere. From Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo to Little Green Footballs and Powerline, many different voices are represented here. We've added sites such as Global Voices Online and Arts & Letters Daily to provoke a little thought and bring in some international and cultural perspectives.

In all, this list in intended to help folks stay informed about issues surrounding the media, news and events that impact the news business and opinions and criticisms of it as well as present a sampling of opinion that is helping to shape the public discourse. It may not always look the same, but will always seek to present a fairly balanced mix. With this list, we've tried to do something that is sometimes taboo in the blogosphere – edit. Hopefully, a shorter list like this will be useful to readers, especially those who aren't veterans of permalinks, threads and IMHO's.