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Abdullah-Bush Stroll Strikes Nerve

President Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah holding hands as they stroll. It's only Wednesday, but I think we can all agree on a "picture of the week."

"Picture of the week?" asks XXXX. "It might be picture of the month."

He's got a point, if headlines, cartoons and late night comics are any criteria.

As CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports, while it clearly strikes a nerve, you get the feeling it goes beyond coziness with the Saudis or dependence on their oil.

Asked what he makes of it, one man says, "I don't like it."

When it comes to two men holding hands, America's got issues.

"I mean I'd love to meet the president, but I'm not going to walk around holding his hand," says one wag in New York's Times Square. "I'm not that kind of guy, know what I'm saying."

"Well, you notice it,'' said one woman.

Nevermind that Mr. Bush might actually get some points for it in the Middle East.

"Two leaders holding hands, there is nothing wrong in it," says Jamal Dajani. "In the traditional Arab society it's a sign of friendship.

"It's a sign of respect."

But in Times Square? Not so much.

"If I want to talk with you, I'll shake your hand," says one man. "I ain't gonna hold your hand and walk down the damn street, you know."

Told that that's the way it's done in the Middle East, the man says: "They don't do it in New York City that way."

So much for basking in the warm glow of each other's cultural differences.

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