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A Wake Up Call From the Net

Go to a site called, set up your free account and set the alarms of your choice. At the designated time...the phone rings and... (sound) iPing's Sumeet Bhullar...says besides the Mr. WakeUp service...there are reminders for taking medication, stock updates, even package delivery notification...

"Like a FedEx package or a UPS package." So you use the tracking software and when your package arrives at your home or office... "It just generates a call to the telephone...makes your phone ring or makes your pager ring or the cell phone pager ring. We would like to reach you wherever you are."
It's free except for the short commercials attached. Another online service pioneer, eFax,giving users a free personal fax number forwarding documents to your email address, has now added voicemail...that you can retrieve by phone or by email.

"You can even use something like Outlook Express, your email client softwarre to separate your messages into voice and fax folders." CEO Rudy Prince.

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