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A Take on Cultural Creatives

I ran across a business book club that posts its readings on a blog. Its most recent discussion centered on Cultural Creatives, a book that came out in 2000 and examined extensive research on people who vary from cultural norms, for instance, avoiding conspicuous consumption. This reminded me that most of us don't read new business books right as they appear, and in fact it may be more valuable with many such books to wait a few years and see if the ideas hold up.

This book may not have held up so well. The blog post suggested that the group felt some of its data was dated. It also found the book a dry and difficult read.

At the same time:

A few comments came reflecting the value of understanding how different groups approach different decisions. It can be valuable to remember to listen intently on what is being said particularly to try and understand the belief behind it.
Listening well and understanding are good reasons to read a book.

Have others read this book, or others that may make similar points more successfully? Chime in on the comments.