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A Second Ralph Lauren PhotoShop Mess Emerges

A second ridiculous Ralph Lauren ad featuring an already-skinny model Photoshopped down into an implausibly emaciated bobble-head doll has emerged. The new one (click to enlarge) was found in Australia by PhotoShop Disasters, the blog of choice for bad fashion advertising.

Like the original Fillipa Hamilton disaster, (below) which appeared in a Japan department store, the new ad shows a model whose head is the same width as her waist -- something that does not happen in real life (unless you are dying from starvation).

That both ads were edited in the same way suggests it is not a one-off mistake by a rogue foreign unit. It's starting to look more like Lauren's art directors are all receiving similar instructions.

More broadly, it says something extremely depressing about how fashion regards women's bodies. Preferring thin women is one thing, but when thin isn't enough and the model has to be (literally) impossibly thin, how are consumers supposed to react?

And finally: Ever notice how clothes on store mannequins are pinned in the back to make them look tighter?

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