A Review Roundup

The latest weekly roundup of book reviews by is up on 800CEOread.

They discuss reviews of (seemingly in order of enjoyment):

  • "Crowdsourcing"
  • "The Numerati"
  • "Demon of Our Own Design"
  • "Stall Points: Most Companies Stop Growing -- Yours Doesn't Have To"
  • "Michael O'Leary: A Life in Full Flight
  • "Lasting Contribution: Hot to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work"
It also links to two 'essential business reading' lists, one from Fortune's Jia Lynn Yang and the other from Rich Karlgaard of Forbes. Personally, such lists enervate me. I've got 60 great books stacked up on a shelf waiting for my time, and that's not counting the things I want to read for this blog. On the other hand, I can correlate my shelf with their lists, and pick my next book accordingly.