A Nod for El-Erian's 'When Markets Collide'

Last Updated Oct 23, 2008 12:10 PM EDT

Mohamed El-Erian is one of the world's best-known investment managers, and now he's been cited as one of its best business authors. El-Erian, co-CEO and co-Chief investment officer of PIMCO, published "When Markets Collide" in May, and the Financial Times just named it Business Book of the Year.

The FT said it was the first time in the four years of the award that an investing book had won the prize, and I suspect that it was the book's 'lucid and prescient' discussion of what's happening in global markets that won it the prize.

As the FT put it

The book explains how a collision between markets of yesterday, centred on the US and the developed world, and the emerging markets of tomorrow is creating new opportunities and risks.

It beat out "The Snowball," a biography of Warren Buffett, "Remix," a book on the Internet and copyright, "Cold Steel," on Mittal's takeover of Arcelor, "McMafia," on the globalization of organized crime, and "A Splendid Exchange," which looks at the history of free trade. (None of these books made Booklist Online's business best of list for 2008).

We've not touched it on BNET anywhere that I can see. It looks like we should.

This review, Thoughts on Mohamed El-Erian's 'When Markets Collide,' for instance, gives it high praise and calls it "as far from a Jim Cramer book as you can find." In other words, it's wonky but you'll feel very smart after reading it, and your portfolio might, too.

If you've read it, tell us what you thought.

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